Great New Product! VoiceFlight … Talk to Your 430′s

An amazing new product is available, the VoiceFlight VFS101 will allow pilots to enter flight plan way points and victor airways directly into their Garmin 430′s with voice commands. Currently this product only works with the WAAS enabled product, but we are assured that the non-WAAS unit will be able to use this really soon.

Voiceflight - Platinum Aviation - Speech Recognition

VoiceFlight VFS101

Today, Platinum inked a deal to be an installing dealer for the product. We are working with VoiceFlight to create some special hardware and installation procedures to reduce installation costs and aircraft downtime. We have a plan to make the VoiceFlight installation in all Cirrus Aircraft quick, inexpensive and simple.

We tried this unit out at Sun N Fun. As some of you may know, our company President, Alfredo Cortellini is Italian. Alfredo speaks very fluent English, but does have a heavy accent. The VoiceFlight system performed flawlessly with Alfredo’s voice, never once making an error.

Cirrus Aircraft owners like flying with the latest technology. VoiceFlight is pushing the edge of the envelope creating this new voice recognition technology. We are excited to be a part of this.

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