Pilot during flight training, learning to fly a Cirrus SR22 turbo

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Learn to fly with the most experienced Cirrus Aircraft flight instructors available. If you are just getting started with your flight training, adding advanced ratings, transitioning to a new aircraft or moving up to fly your own personal jet, Platinum Aviation Training can help. We have expert, professional instructors experienced with teaching people at all levels, in many aircraft. Our instructors are all specially trained in the latest teaching methods for training in today’s most technologically advanced aircraft. We are the largest and one of the oldest, Cirrus Training Centers in the country, with more coming soon. Call us today at 954.202.5995 or email us to get started on the adventure of a lifetime! Learn to fly. Get started today!

Cirrus Flight Training & Diamond Aircraft Multi-Engine Ratings

Platinum Aviation Training has one of the largest fleets of Cirrus Aircraft available anywhere. These are complemented by the Diamond DA42 that we use for multi-engine courses. All of these fine aircraft are maintained in our own Cirrus Authorized Service Center. You can feel safe knowing you are flying some of the best equipped and best maintained aircraft available at any flight training facility anywhere. This also adds to a high dispatch reliability and provides excellent continuity to your training.

Platinum is the only place you can rent,fly and train in, all of the Cirrus Aircraft product offerings. Our rental line includes both Avidyne and Garmin Perspective aircraft, SR20's, SR22's, SR22 Tornado Alley Turbos and even the newest SR22T FIKI aircraft. Platinum Aviation Training offers the most complete Cirrus flight training experience anywhere.

Advantages to Learning to Fly in a Cirrus Aircraft

Garmin perspective avionics. Learn to fly made easier

Today’s new technologically advanced aircraft have changed the way people use small aircraft for personal and business transportation. In the past, once you learned to fly and got your Private Pilot Certificate, you were still a long way from having real use and reliable transportation via small aircraft. You still had to slowly work your way up to faster, more capable aircraft. For most, this was a difficult road. Faster meant aircraft with retractable landing gear and high performance engines, but insurance companies would not insure a low time pilot in these aircraft. It was the classic “chicken or the egg” scenario. The Cirrus Aircraft advanced avionics systems have changed the dynamic. Pilots can learn to fly and be safe in fast, efficient and capable aircraft.

The Cirrus Difference

cirrus airframe parachute system makes flight training safer

The speed of the Cirrus, it’s advanced capabilities and the added safety features, including the unique CAPS, Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, have changed everything. Enhanced safety features and aircraft capability beyond anything seen before. We call it Cirrus Flying 2.0™. You can start your flight training from day one, if you wish, in an air-conditioned, Cirrus Aircraft, TURBO Perspective, equipped with Cirrus Perspective by Garmin™ avionics, one of the fastest and most capable general aviation aircraft available today. You can fly from Miami to Atlanta in less than 3 hours. Aircraft like these change the way you see the world and the way you view your business and personal life. You can make a meeting 600 miles away and be home for dinner with the family. You can’t do that on the airlines.

Learn to Fly and Change Your Life Forever

pilot on golfing flight

Start you adventure today, learn to fly and change your life.. Go on to get your instrument rating, allowing to have more utilization of your aircraft, enhanced safety and more reliable transportation. It doesn’t take as long as you think to get there and become a safe and efficient pilot. Platinum Aviation’s team of highly experience instructors are some of the most knowledgeable people in the field of flight training and Technologically Advance Aircraft flight instruction. We have started many people down this exciting path and seen how it has changed their lives forever. Call us now at 954.202.5995 and talk to one of our flight instructors to get more details on how you can learn to fly using the Cirrus Aircraft. Start your Cirrus flight training adventure! Soon you will enjoy the enhanced freedom that aircraft ownership can provide.