Cessna 152

Arguably one of the most successful training aircraft produced, the Cessna 152 is an efficient and affordable aircraft for aspiring pilots. In fact, many pilots at all levels can trace their first flights back to this two-seat trainer.

Don’t be fooled though, this is not your typical training 152! Our Cessna 152 comes equipped with an Aspen Electronic Flight Display which will introduce you to the concepts and presentation found in today’s “glass panel” aircraft. You’ll find the 152 is a great basic trainer for Private, Instrument, time-building, or to simply maintain currency.

Cessna 162

Introducing the all-new Cessna Skycatcher! The 162 Skycatcher is Cessna’s entry into the “Light Sport” category airplane and their single engine lineup. The Skycatcher is equipped with Continental’s O-200 engine which produces 100 horsepower and its unparalleled visibility makes it the perfect trainer or ideal for a fun, leisurely flight along the coast. Our Skycatchers are nicely equipped with the Garmin G300 avionics package and includes both a Primary Flight Display for flight instruments and a Multi-Function Display with a moving map. Call today for more information about learning to fly the Skycatcher.

Cessna 172S

The Cessna 172 is perhaps one of the most recognizable aircraft at any airport across the country. With over 43,000 delivered, the Cessna 172 has been refined into the outstanding aircraft it is today. Praised for its stability and easy handling, it has become one of the most popular training aircraft around the world. The SP variation with its 180HP engine, autopilot, and GPS makes it an ideal aircraft for training or rental!

Cessna 172S G1000

Building on the success of the Skyhawk, Cessna offers the Garmin G1000 avionics package bringing the latest technology in aviation to your fingertips. The Garmin G1000 can enhance your flying experience by providing additional information to the pilot while in flight such as XM Satellite radio, Traffic Information, and a wide variety of weather information including NEXRad radar. Contact us today to find out about training in or getting checked out to rent the G1000!

Cessna 172RG

The Cessna 172RG Cutlass offers our customers a smooth transition into Complex Aircraft with the same quality and easy flying characteristics pilots are accustomed to from Cessna. With retractable landing gear, a constant speed propeller, and flaps; the Cutlass qualifies as a complex aircraft and is well suited for our Commercial and Flight Instructor courses or if you are simply looking to obtaining the complex endorsement.

Cessna Turbo 182T G1000

When you need a little more speed or payload, the Cessna 182 is ready to meet your needs. Considered by many pilots as their favorite all-purpose airplane; the Skylane is a great choice for your next adventure.
Powered by a Lycoming 230HP engine, the Skylane combines speed, performance, and payload with the easy flying characteristics pilots expect from a Cessna. Our 182 is equipped with the Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite providing an unparalleled level of information available to the pilot in-flight.

Cirrus SR22 Perspective

The Cirrus SR22 is an advanced, high-performance aircraft ideally suited for personal travel.  Our SR22 is equipped with Garmin’s Perspective avionics package.  The Perspective offers some enhancements to the Garmin G1000, including pilot profiles, and an alpha-numeric control unit to make programming even easier.  Call us today to learn more about qualifying in the SR22!

Piper Seneca II

North County Flight Training offers the Piper Seneca II for multi-engine training. The Piper Seneca is a six-place light twin that is just as capable a trainer, as it is a great cruising airplane. Powered by two Continental 200HP turbo-charged engines, the Seneca is a great platform to train multi-engine pilots whether they are looking for a career in aviation or to build multi-engine time.